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Sadly there is a real risk that Brexit will only worsen the current staffing crisis across the health service. More than four in ten doctors told the BMA that they were considering leaving the UK in light of the referendum result, and we know that non-UK workers have already begun to leave the NHS since we voted to leave the EU.
It is worrying that the UK is negotiating without actually fully understanding the benefits EU nationals already here are bringing to the UK. There is great uncertainty among our members. The new report will not help to reduce this but is increasing the worries about the UK negotiating with limited information on what environment we need to convince the 3.2 million not to leave our current employers, whether it is the NHS or the private sector.
Forget the scaremongering. This is a fair deal for EU migrants. Anyone hoping for a continuation of the current system is living in denial. The UK voted for Brexit. It is going to happen, whether it be soft, hard, clean, open, red, white, or blue: the UK is leaving the EU. And therefore, the UK needs a new immigration system. Quite rightly, the rights of those currently living in the UK - and those UK citizens living abroad - have taken priority. Should this have been done sooner? Yes. But it is being tackled now, and it is, for the most part, a fair deal. This proposal from the Government is mostly fair in principle, but ironically the scale of its ambition might be its undoing as the civil service machine struggles to cope with what is being asked of it.
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