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Labour wants to attract migrants with the "right skills, not no skills" as the party pushes to curb the number of EU migrants
British employers fuelled the rise in Romanian workers in Britain throughout 2013 by advertising tens of thousands of jobs
Iain Duncan Smith has lashed out at EU Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor after he warned that the UK government's benefits
David Cameron and coalition ministers have now published a report on the impact of migration on British workers after a wave
Vince Cable is to hit out at Tory ministers for feeding "scare stories" about immigration in the latest coalition spat. The
David Cameron has come under pressure to stop sitting on a report that would suggest immigrants have less of a negative impact
David Cameron is under pressure to stop hiding an official report which would undermine government rhetoric about immigrants
Brussels could challenge the government's attempts to curb migrants' benefits, it has warned. Employment Commissioner Laszlo
As an independent candidate at the last UK general election in 2010, it was only when canvassing started that I realised that, overwhelmingly, immigration was the most important issue concerning the voting public.
Did soaring immigration under the last Labour government cost British workers their jobs? That was the message from Iain