EU referendum 2017

Existing provisions under UK law are by no means perfect, but they are only in place because of EU law in the first place. EU law has closed dangerous loopholes in UK discrimination law which could open again. Necessary future developments could face a brick wall without the EU jurisprudence. Working women will undoubtedly be the losers in a post-Brexit world.
So it's gonna be June 23rd. The twitterati have inevitably focused on the clash with that annual celebration of yuppiedom
Despite David Cameron's recent charm offensive in Berlin, where he spoke about his hope for EU reforms ahead of the EU referendum on membership, senior German figures are uneasy about the British "renegotiation" that is about to begin.
A leading Tory Eurosceptic has urged David Cameron to resist calls for the promised in-out EU referendum to take place next
George Osborne has chided "unwise" peers for deciding to "kill off" a bill that would legislate for a referendum on Britain's
Japanese car giant Nissan would "reconsider" its future investments in Britain if it left the European Union, its chief executive
David Cameron's pledge of an in/out referendum on EU membership if the Tories win the next general election appears to have
David Cameron has announced that there will be a referendum on Europe if the Conservative Party wins in 2015. HuffPost UK