EU referendum vote

I'm one of the undecideds, and because we hold the key to the result, we are driving the political strategy and media coverage. It's clear that both sides will do anything to win us over. And it's also clear that there is a way to go before the shark is completely jumped. This makes me think that it's not going to be long before we see some very underhand activity.
The media were not decisive in the EEC referendum - they went with the clear winner from the start. But today, in 2016, the media's decision could swing the vote and result in us leaving the EU forever. They know this and they know that they will, at some point very soon, need to decide. And that's causing them all sorts of problems.
Exports to European Union countries are worth £211 billion to the British economy and help support 4.2 million UK jobs, according
Backbench MPs have dismissed Ken Clarke's claim that the call for a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union