eu reforms

So the John Major defence offers the PM four ways to square the immigration, reform, allies and defence trap that has forced him into bluster about his failure to control immigration numbers and silence about his success on reform. With statesmanship he may surprise his critics and win his renegotiation. It's his to lose.
The leadership black-hole is the real story of this year. The Union was nearly lost because the Westminster elites failed to articulate a convincing, positive vision of why the Scots should back the UK...
The facts on the ground have not really changed from Boris' initial assessment of the pros and cons of membership last year. Maybe we are just one year closer to an election in which Boris needs to position himself as the tough-talking Eurosceptic reaching out for an uncompromising deal.
While the PM was busy pressing for his vision of European reform at a tasteful and elegant dinner in Brussels, someone had to pound the streets of Middle England to sell the idea that staying in Europe is the only sane and patriotic course of action to a fed up, disgruntled, and frankly wet electorate. Last week that someone was me.