euro zone crisis

How can young people be real world literate and know what career they want if all they've ever known is the class room? Often they've never had contact with any industry professionals or set foot in an office, workshop or business environment.
I myself, who graduated in July 2010, have been lingering on the sides for just over two years and the realisation of the hard facts associated with a deferred career start, principally in terms of career progression and earnings, have been keeping me awake at night.
With Greece preparing for a second go at electing a representative government this Sunday, all eyes have been fixed firmly on Spain and the funding woes of its banking system in recent weeks; but with economic indices and market confidence resuming their dip soon after last weekend's Spanish €100bn (£81bn) 'bailout lite', attention is now turning its eyes to Italy.
Perhaps this cartoon is jumping the gun a little, or maybe it's a glimpse into the future; but in any case here's my cartoon showing Super Mario Draghi taking some drastic long term refinancing action!
Last week, following Jacques Delors' criticism of the flawed process behind the creation of the Euro, I looked at how solving the Eurozone Crisis was being handicapped by an absence of sound leadership and good strategy. The article (The Eurozone Crisis - The Management of the Continuation of Mediocrity by the Unaware) closed with the following paragraph: