In an interview with BBC "Newsnight" on Monday, former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich defended himself against claims
So far, the EU and the US have failed to provide a quick response to address the new wave of attacks and the pro-Russian rebels seem as determined as ever to stay the course in spite of the sanctions.
The remaining protesters occupying Kiev’s Independence Square were confronted by Ukrainian authorities on Thursday, with
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, Russia has been its own nation, but one which sought to exert the same influence on nearby countries as it did in its previous incarnation. President Putin, a former official in the sinister KGB, well schooled in the police state methodology, seeks to replicate this today...
Many years ago, back in the mid-nineties, I was employed for a number of years as an immigration officer. It was a deeply unpleasant job on many levels, not least because our task was to enforce immigration policies that essentially existed to prevent certain kinds of people from passing through our borders; those who were likely to find work illegally or to overstay...
Do the stories of ordinary people get left behind in the day-to-day reporting and the dour political analysis of international
With another Russian invasion of Ukraine's sovereign territory on the horizon, we cannot afford to retreat to stale, intellectually lazy and above all dangerous clichés about Ukraine's 'pro-EU' and 'pro-Russian' halves.
Standing sombre in a line, clad in black and their straight arms raised at the ominous angle clutching pistols, the members
With the US reluctant to act and Russia only too keen to support Yanukovych, it falls to the EU to mediate and do all it can to promote a smooth transition and fair elections later in the year. Founded on the idea that fostering common interests helps to defuse conflicts, the EU has always favoured dialogue over the use of force.
Anti-government protesters rebuild barricades following continued clashes The main difference with these pictures is how