Europa League

"As demonstrated during the FIFA Confederations Cup last year, Russia's already high security standards have been adapted to meet the specific needs of such major sporting events."
Sadly, Lucas' time is over just as Jurgen Klopp's is getting going, and but for another season or two his personal medal haul might just have filled the mantlepiece a little more impressively, given the direction the club appears to be taking under the German.
Manchester United are a bit like Brexit. Most of the time they're brought up, people either fall over themselves with delight or roll their eyes and act disgusted.
The simple fact is, any united fan born in the late eighties has known nothing but success for many years and it is tough to see this fall from grace. But United we stand, we have been through worse times before us 80's born were alive and we bounced back then, and we will bounce back this time. Bring on Celta Vigo and bring on the Europa League.
There are clearly a lot of teams who would love to be involved and the competition would be much better if it consistently saw teams playing their strongest lineups, going full-out to win, rather than the current situation, which sees clubs regularly fielding B-teams with little regard for the result of the match.
Once again the simple fact that Spurs are greatly diminished when Harry Kane isn't playing centre forward was all too clearly demonstrated. Kane did come on for the last half hour but he was asked to play behind Soldado and it is much harder for him to change games from that deeper position.
Despite his goal in the last round against Limassol, Paulinho continues to underwhelm in a Spurs shirt...
Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino was angered by the "unacceptable" anti-Semitic banner displayed by Partizan Belgrade
Nike's kit design malaise has continued with a glut of psychedelic European strips they have released simultaneously on the
If ITV didn't have Andy Townsend then viewers' ire would be vented solely at pseudo-intellectual Clarke Carlisle, whose emergence