European elections 2014

The Tories will suffer at next year's General Election if they obsess over the issues of European Union reform and immigration
One of the BNP’s bright, young stars has accused his dog of being gay. Manchester University student Jack ‘Boot’ Renshaw
Ukip and Nigel Farage have attacked and heckled Jean Claude Juncker, the new EU Commission president, as he addressed MEPs
Jean-Marie Le Pen has been accused of spreading “anti-Semitic filth” by suggesting that a popular Jewish singer should be
Update: The Scottish National Party has called on Better Together to disown Ukip's Scotland MEP David Coburn's "ludicrous
Alex Salmond has been accused of acting like former North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Il by blaming the BBC's coverage of Ukip
The ban was based on the argument that fur is "an unnecessary luxury product", but didn't offer the Dutch fur farmers any compensation for taking away their livelihood. This was, unsurprisingly, deemed contrary to the European Human Rights Convention.
The Comic Drumming Competition Of News Two different parties in two separate countries, and yet their fates are almost identical
Voting UKIP and battening down the hatches isn't going to provide the social and economic security we all desire - that way only further mistrust and isolation lies. By voting Green we can restructure the economy and reframe our societal values. That's so much more than a protest vote.
Labour will not buckle to populism and take an imitative stance on immigration, regardless of Ukip's recent victories at