European elections 2014

Ukip has won the European elections, leaving Westminster shaking from the political "earthquake" that Nigel Farage had long
The political "earthquake" that Nigel Farage has long predicted is being felt across the country as the results of the European
George Osborne has said he respects Nigel Farage as he urged his party to listen to the "anger and anxiety" of those who
Labour needs to understand that its traditional white working class base is "pissed off and angry" and that is why it is
EU citizens are being denied the right to vote in European elections by confused polling station staff and incomprehensible
A Parliament made up of climate sceptics, those putting national interest above international agreements, and apologists for those industries that have tended to contribute most to greenhouse gas emissions is likely to be one that doesn't see a successful outcome of next year's Paris talks. I'm not sure we'll get another chance. These elections really matter.
Nigel Farage has revealed that he will stand for Parliament in a constituency "south of the river" Thames in next year's
Local elections, the European Elections, Ukip and Nigel Farage are all leading the news agenda today, meaning that any awkward
Local and European election results are coming in for 2014 as the parties rush to give the best spin to their performance
The more "well educated" population of London shunned Ukip as it was more likely to agree with the negative press coverage