European elections 2014

A group of Christians say Wales's national flag is "demonic" and should be changed. The Welsh Christian Party claims the
(Note: Picture might have been doctored by David Schneider and David Beresford) SEE ALSO: FLOWCHART: Should You Vote Ukip
Ukip will win the European elections and the Liberal Democrats will be left back in fifth place, pollsters have predicted
An old interview given by Nigel Farage has resurfaced in which the Ukip leader attacks the "lunacy" of maternity leave and
David Cameron has insisted he will be able to strong-arm the other 27 European Union member states into agreeing a transfer
According a YouGov poll published for the first time since the start of the financial crisis, the economy no longer tops the list of issues the British public is most concerned about: immigration is now on a par with the economy, with 52% or respondents saying it's the main issue facing the UK today.
Shortly after demanding police arrest those calling Ukip members fascists, a candidate for the eurosceptic party has been
Tory appeasement of Farage really is futile; Lynton Crosby can brashly bully the vulnerable all he likes but as long as the Tories are starting at the top they will never be able to beat UKIP (unburdened by responsibility) in a the race to the bottom.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage's "beer-swilling bonhomie mask" is slipping to reveal an extremely nasty view of modern Britain
Two polls have been published giving completely different forecasts for how Ukip will perform in Thursday's European elections