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A week after Brexit and Boris Johnson has outlined a tough opening position for trade negotiations by talking up an Australia-style relationship, but does it mean anything? It’s hard for journalists to really take a look with the government taking a Trumpian turn by trying to lock out critical media from a key briefing this week. Meanwhile, Labour’s leadership election lets the prime minister run amok in the party’s former strongholds. Arj Singh is joined by Paul Waugh, Rachel Wearmouth and UK In A Changing Europe’s Anand Menon to work out what comes next for Britain.
With the withdrawal agreement signed and ratified, Britain is out of Europe! Well, not quite. First of all, we have to go through the transition period. Not much will initially change. You will still be able to travel, live and work in Europe as previous but Boris Johnson’s government has a tough twelve months to hammer out what the future relationship with Europe will look like.
Cross-party Brexit talks are due to conclude next week.
Cabinet minister says customs union "most likely" outcome of talks with Labour.
David Gauke said government shouldn’t stick to parts of the deal massively defeated on Tuesday.
Summit diplomacy is highly scripted and coded, and departures from the norm are avoided at all costs for fear of destabilizing the international order
Brexit committee delivers damning verdict on 'unsatisfactory' government plan.
Next Thursday is the chance for MPs to speak up for manufacturing, for trade, for Northern Ireland peace - and to urge the Government to negotiate for an effective customs union
If there was a free vote today, where MPs could vote on the basis of their conscience, I believe there would be a majority for staying in the Single Market