european union referendum

Boris Johnson seemed the be channelling Hugh Grant in his latest column as he slammed Barack Obama for “outrageous and exorbitant
Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed he wants to see the UK remain in the European Union, and plenty of people
Quite bizarre is Nicola Sturgeon's assertion that demand for Scottish independence will grow after, rather than before, a European Union exit. Stranger still is her belief that thinking Scots will actually vote for it.
David Cameron has been warned there is "substantial" opposition among European leaders to his demand that EU immigrants be
Labour is at risk of a split similar to the one caused by the 1975 European Referendum, Baroness Shirley Williams has warned
In a four part series, The Huffington Post UK looks back on the UK’s first ever referendum, and what lessons can be learned
David Cameron needs to forge a "minimalist" relationship for the UK with the European Union, a senior Tory MP has argued
Nick Clegg has ripped into the Tories' stance towards Europe after it emerged that more migrants are actually going to Germany
Cameron "hugs a husky" in 2006 Now in government, Cameron told officials to "cut the green crap' in a bid to reduce energy
Britain should trigger a process that would give it back-door independence from the European Union and challenge Brussels