Of course we have to wait for the final agreement, but the draft deal on the table is good for Britain. It will make our economy more dynamic, our immigration system fairer, and our democracy stronger. Britain is stronger in Europe, and if this deal is implemented we will be stronger still.
More than 10,000 child refugees have disappeared since arriving in Europe, with many likely to have fallen into the hands
A great deal has been said about stemming the flow of refugees and migrants trying to reach the continent, and about the numbers of people who will settle here, but integration of the arrivals is a fundamental issue which has not received the attention it requires. 
The fight against the Islamic State (IS) is going online, with a new police unit being set up to block their social media
The head of Europol's Cybercrime Centre has told the BBC that the large majority of all cybercrime is carried out by just
At the European elections next May, voters will face a fundamental choice about what kind of country they want Britain to be. An inward, backward-looking country that pulls up the drawbridge on its allies in Europe and attempts to navigate the challenges of the 21st century alone. Or one that is willing to embrace international cooperation in the fight against organised crime and new threats such as cyber-attacks, human-trafficking and online fraud...
Debrecen goalkeeper Vukašin Poleksić has strongly denied trying to influence a Champions League match against Liverpool in
Liverpool today said they have had no contact from Europol or any other body in connection with match-fixing allegations