Euros 2016

England is out of Europe for the second time in a few days.
The Welsh shared their joy at being the only British team still left in the tournament. It's official. If it wasn't already
In what has already been possibly the most entertaining Euros to date the competition has already brought us a shed load of hilarious moments. In conclusion of the group stages here are my Top 5 moments from the 2016 Uefa European Championships so far...
When the extent of violence you have witnessed is an Irishman trying to impale Red Devils with their own inflatable tridents and you've spent the day dancing with people you have never met while singing the OG lyrics of Gala "Freed From Desire," where Will Grigg isn't on fire and no one's defence is terrified yet you start to realise these fans transcend the game of football for the better....
A football fan has been arrested after smuggling an 18cm long flare into a Euros 2016 game via his rectum. The 18-year-old
"The players can’t be expected to perform if they haven’t been getting cake on their birthdays."
England have already played a few matches in the Euros, and the results have been largely underwhelming apart from their
England Vs Slovakia Euro 2016 When is England playing Slovakia? Kick Off 8pm, Monday Where can I watch, listen? Broadcast