I suspect that speech impediment fans will fight back by trying to confuse the England manager. Interviewers will start asking whether he plans to play Theo Ralcott alongisde Rayne Rooney. Or they'll invent an English grandmother to ask why he hasn't selected Sergei Rebrov or that talented youngster Joe Ranks-Highlyinrome.
Basically Scoopshot is an application for your iPhone or Android you download for free from the App Store or Android Market and ta-daa! You can become a moneymaking mobile newsphotographer just like that! As long as you keep your eyes open and you happen to be in the right place at the right time.
Those with a love of football and of a certain age will remember the 1970 Esso World Cup Collection. These were coins of the England 1970 World Cup squad that were given away whenever a driver bought more than four gallons of petrol.
The European Central Bank has pumped billions into its faltering financial system by loaning €529bn to banks. It said that