David Cameron thinks it would be ‘mad’ for Britain to leave the EU and is secretly backing a move by Tory MPs to warn of
The ten things you need to know on Sunday 18th November... 1) 'BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGES' Israel's bombardment of Gaza continues
Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith issued a plea for Tory Eurosceptics to give David Cameron a chance today in the wake of
The president of the European Commission has stepped into the row about an independent Scotland's place in the European Union
Last week I visited Portsmouth for the first time in years. One of the historical homes of Britain's navy down the centuries, today it feels more like a quiet backwater with just continental ferries to disturb the peace.
As one of the most divisive issues in politics, Britain's EU membership causes a stir when debated in the Commons, in the
David Cameron has spent the afternoon explaining to many of his annoyed backbenchers why he won't allow a referendum on Britain's
At a Commons debate ahead of the European Council meeting, one Eurosceptic MP suggested that negotiating within the EU was like the deals that the British pre-war prime minister Neville Chamberlain did with Hitler.
On Monday afternoon at about 3:30pm David Cameron will appear in the Commons to update MPs on the European Summit last week
David Cameron spent Friday night at his country residence of Chequers in Buckinghamshire, after putting Britain on an isolated