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David Cameron's Conservatives have come under fire for being allied in the European Parliament with an "openly racist and
It has emerged that the winner of last weekend's Eurovision Song Contest, Austrian drag act Conchita Wurst, was not the choice of the elite juries that cast half the votes in the annual Euro-singathon. Instead, Wurst swept to victory thanks to the support of the public, who decided that behind the camp persona and hype there was actually quite a good song (at least, relative to the others). Conchita was the people's choice.
Cher wearing an outfit she'd probably pop to the shops in However, Cher was quick to state that she didn’t mean any offence
Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst could be apparently heading for the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, alongside Boyzone singer
Donatan & Cleo may not have won Eurovision - but they won the hearts of Eurovision viewers. The male ones, at least. And
And they said we'd reached 'peak beard'! While facial hair pundits were only recently predicting a swing back to clean-shaven faces, a gang of ambitious and creative chaps oiled their bristles assiduously, contemplating the opportunities to bring their politically charged chins to the world. On Saturday night they arrived.
Conchita Wurst, a bearded drag act from Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest with her song 'Rise Like a Phoenix' and then
Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst has attracted just as much as attention for her looks as her singing and new pictures reveal
Not everyone is thrilled at Conchita Wurst's triumph at Eurovision on Saturday night. Russian ultranationalist MP Vladimir
The UK's drought of Eurovision Song Contest victories continues after the nation's entry again fell well short of the top