Eurovision Song Contest 2016

While the production on Saturday night was fantastic, I'm afraid to say some of the songs weren't quite up to scratch. Take the Ukrainian entry and eventual winner Jamala, for instance - I honestly don't understand how she won.
Justin Timberlake is obviously great, but he's American, totally irrelevant to this extravaganza, which has traditionally invited a fitting act to showcase the host nation. And that hasn't worked out badly either. Riverdance stole the show in 1994, and never looked back.
I was very honoured that the BBC asked me to represent the UK in the 1994 Eurovision, though I will admit, I was nervous to say yes and actually I did say "Nooooooo." So they then sent the famous songwriter Don Black to persuade me to do it. It worked.
Unfortunately for Ireland's Nicky Byrne, he's going to get a lot of stick for not making it through to the final. It was a good song compared to some of the ones that went through and I thought he did a good job but he was up against it.
Now I'm regarded as an honorary Brit. Winning Eurovision really integrated me into the British culture and 19 years later I'm still the last person to win it for the UK. For a country that produces the greatest music in the world, the Brits just don't know how to manufacture a decent enough song to win ESC. Why?
The launch itself was a pretty tough affair. There you are proudly showing off your music video and telling them you're representing your country at Eurovision, and at the same time your phone is beeping whilst someone is wishing you dead on Twitter. I'd be lying if I said the mixed reaction didn't hurt.
The Eurovision for me holds really great memories. Ever since Bucks Fizz won in 1981, I have watched it and it was about that time that I knew I wanted to be a singer. I was 10 years old then - and how was I to know that 12 years later, I was to represent my country, and I have to say representing your country in anything is a great honour.
It's the Eurovision Song Contest this Saturday - but a recent poll has found the UK would vote 'Leave' if there were a referendum on our participation, in some kind of musical Brexit. This must surely be one the most depressing results of recent times. One can only extrapolate that in these times of austerity, us Brits are cutting back on our sense of fun too.
It's that time of the year again - cherry blossoms, the year's first barbeques and dusting off the summer wardrobe. That heady combination of fruitiness, big flaming whoppers and costume changes culminates neatly this week at the Eurovision Song Contest.