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'If I was to tweet my 4.9 million followers the names, you're saying I wouldn't be in trouble?'
Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan held a fiery debate on live TV with Hacked Off campaigner Evan Harris over the "absurdity
Comedian John Cleese has likened journalists arguing for self-regulation to murderers wanting to police themselves during
Former Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill has made astonishing allegations against the Liberal Democrats, claiming they never sincerely supported same-sex marriage. He suggested they acted with "cynical and opportunistic" motives. This is outrageous. I don't support the Lib Dems, but they backed equal marriage at a time when Summerskill and the gay lobby group, Stonewall, refused to do so. The Lib Dems deserve credit for their early embrace of marriage for all. Ben's petty, sectarian smears are unbecoming - and unjustified.
George Osborne pledged to cut a further £10bn from the welfare budget in his keynote speech to Conservative party conference
Coalition cuts to legal aid will leave people without recourse against phone hacking and other abuses by the media, Mark
Hugh Grant said the fight against phone hacking is a "job half done" and criticised some members of the culture committee
MPs have voted against proposals to change the law governing advice given to women seeking abortion. Conservative MP Nadine