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Last November 80% of white evangelicals backed Trump for President. For British observers, the fact that so many viewed Trump
Certain churches across Africa need a wake-up call when it comes to accountability.
By blindly insisting the creation myth of the Semitic tribes who became the Jewish people is fact - and telling children it is a valid alternative to the Big Bang - evangelical Christians are attributing to God the lack of imagination that cripples their own view of both humanity and the wider universe.
“To any young Christians out there who may be reading this, please know that you do not need to engage in such activities
NEW YORK -- The debate about global warming is over. A Texas pastor has come up with a watertight theory that will shame
Watching Uganda's president chuckle as he signed into law a bill that meant life improvement for homosexuality and not reporting gay family members a criminal offence was chilling. Many western observers shared an intuition that the West should surely respond in swift and principled manner to this 'odious' bill...
The Christian owners of a bed and breakfast in Cornwall, who became infamous for refusing to let a gay couple stay at their
Most Messianic Jews are hugely disappointed that the Checkpoint conference will take place with the blessing of the wider church. We feel let down by many institutions within Christianity, and we are sure they can do more to eliminate antisemitism in Christian theology.
Former president Jimmy Carter believes President Obama will win the 2012 election despite the woeful state of the US economy
hy Christians (and the rest of us) need to develop a better philosophy of what work should be, and why being a landlord or investor doesn't really count, despite what the right-wing Church says.