The question I have been asked consistently since the Government withdrew its proposals to amend the Hunting Act in July in response to the SNP's decision to vote against the changes is why Defra did not wait until the implementation of English Votes for English Laws (EVEL).
One of Westminster's most veteran members has rubbished his own party's attempt to revoke some MPs' voting rights, decrying
Basically, the SNP feels it has been dissed for far too long, and it's Not Having It anymore. Robertson has called Cameron out to have a proper punch-up in the car park, and absolutely everyone is piling out to watch.
The SNP will break a long-standing tradition of abstaining on votes not affecting constituents north of the border and instead
The government has delayed plans at the last minute to restrict the voting rights of Scottish MPs in the House of Commons
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband on Tuesday surprised even himself by siding with the Scottish National Party over the Government's
it is important to recognise that changes need to be made in Westminster too, and England's voice should be strengthened when it comes to English only matters. However, David Cameron has proposed fundamental Constitutional changes, and is proposing to introduce them in two weeks' time, using a little known parliamentary procedure... This is no way to make profound constitutional change. It is an outrage the Government thinks it is.
Let me take you back. It's September 2014 and David Cameron faces the very real prospect of being the Prime Minister who oversaw the demise of the United Kingdom...
Electoral legitimacy is the weak spot in the Palace of Westminster. Once a new system is defined, that will be the place to pile the barrels of gunpowder. The building itself should become a nice little earner for the National Trust.
Labour's latest policy announcement, creation of a committee of English MPs to scrutinise bills only relating to England, highlights the party's panic over the Conservatives popular English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) proposals.