Evelyn de Rothschild

The heart of the matter is fiscal autonomy. It cannot be total. By definition, a nation cannot permit fiscal secession, independent statelets that amount to real-life versions of Passport to Pimlico. But, at present, the funding system is badly imbalanced, tilted in Whitehall's favour. A correction is needed, to give local government much greater authority to set taxes. In Australia, 87% of local government spending is self-financed. In Canada, the figure is 83%, while in France it is 72%.
It is well known that today's world there are problems in the construction of the infrastructure in cities and elsewhere
In 2008 the world suffered its most severe financial crisis since the calamities of the 1930s. Since then debate has raged over just what went wrong. Some blame greedy bankers, anxious to profit at any cost. Others blame banks' foolhardy approach, tolerating senselessly high levels of borrowing and marketing financial products too complex to understand...
The news that came that the chief executive of RBS will stand down and yet no announcement for a new one seems to be something that troubles many people.
Capitalism needs to be reconstructed or rather reconsidered in light of the successes it has had in the past, in order to ensure its future as the answer to the problems of the global economy today.
I owe my life to the remarkable generosity of America's political system, which under legislation from Franklin D. Roosevelt welcomed thousands of children from England during World War II. It is out of this respect, and out of a fear for how money is corroding America's political system, that I call for a rethink of how we approach campaign finance.