Event management

Whether it's your wedding, birthday party or conference, it is always key to remember that in fact, it isn't just 'your' day. It is for the benefit of your guests, customers or delegates. When I was trailing around after my fiancée to the photographer, venues, florist etc
In my experience of organising events of a similar scale, the hardest part is either to convince people to part with cash or grant permission for the event to go ahead. Let's hope Harry's vision can help many more events with both.
The FIFA mission statement commits the international footballing body to taking "even greater responsibility to reach out and touch the world, using football as a symbol of hope and integration."
One of the quirks of a festival manager's lot is that the workload is so intense, and your schedule so busy, that the least real thing about your job can be the actual festival. As many times as you do this, and as many years as you find the event itself jumping out at you far sooner than you had expected, the big day always surprises you.
We're entering the final furlong at Crawl HQ - the Crawl begins on 4 May. This means every job is now completed at a frenzied sprint, and this is without factoring in what's shaping up to be an equally exciting - and therefore equally demanding - festival over in Dublin.