Why is the survival genre a survivor? The obvious, 'well duh' answer is that it forces us to question what we ourselves would do in an extreme situation. Or, at least, provides questions to annoy co-workers with, such as: "Would you drink your own urine just to have enough energy to saw your trapped arm off?"
Everest is one of those cinematic spectacles that doesn't insult the intelligence of its audience and tries to tell the truth about an extraordinary adventure as solidly and dramatically as it can.
[Warning: video contains strong language] An incredible video from Nepal has captured the moment a devastating avalanche
Rescue efforts in Nepal are intensifying as volunteers and experts rush to help in the wake of the death and destruction
Stretching more than 2,500 kilometers (1,500 miles), the Himalayas are well known and have been associated with many great mountaineers and adventurers over the years. "Remote and majestic" describes this wonderful environment perfectly.
In the six decades since Everest was conquered, there have been hundreds of accounts of how it took a New Zealander to climb
Nicknamed 'The Swiss Machine', Steck is known for his outstanding ability in alpine free climbing. Since setting a number speed records up Europe's highest mountains, the last few years have seen Steck focus on climbing in the Himalayas to peaks in excess of 8000m. The joint ascent of Everest and Lohtse was one of Steck's major high altitude bids for 2013.
As storms braced Britain, the nation curled up on the sofa to watch former EastEnders actor Ricky Groves, the little one from dance troupe Diversity, every thirtysomething's first crush, presenter Michaela Strachan, Hollyoaks brainbox Gemma Merna and TOWIE's Gemma Collins take on their most terrifying reality TV challenge yet.
I first discovered climbing really existed as a sport, when I saw my local climbing wall in Harrogate. I had heard about it. But it was a fictitious place.... I had met people who had been there but I had not seen it for myself.
An extreme sports star from Russia has made the world's highest BASE jump, leaping from Mount Everest to mark the 60th anniversary