It’s no secret some adults feel things are getting easier for students, and that they would never have got those grades ‘back
Read more on The Huffington Post “This girl just changed the game at the library,” Basson captioned the photo, sharing it
After a chaotic week of school holidays, I am hastily dumped at the train station. I have to go to Bristol to take the IELTS - The International English Language Test. My partner has been offered a job in Toronto, and we both need to fulfill the Canadian visa requirements.
And, sadly, some people turned to Twitter to vent their frustrations after some disappointing results. Students across the
'I believe this is a good start that vindicates our decision to raise standards.'
See here for KS2 SATs results 2017 Children who took their Year 6 SATs exams in May 2016 achieved results “higher than expected
'There was general horror at her handwriting.'
A class of Year 6 children who wrote to Nicky Morgan addressing their issues with SATs exams were not impressed with the