'We hope your department takes our advice seriously.'
A class of Year 6 children have written an open letter to Nicky Morgan addressing this year's SATs reading test. The pupils
That last question though Read more on The Huffington Post Zingers all round after "Angie's" floor varnishing question Last
Headteachers have written an open letter to Nicky Morgan asking her to cancel the publication of any primary test results
Last week, students reacted with utter dismay after their AS-level Maths exam left them confused and more than a little irritated
Responding to criticism of its Biology paper, AQA said on Tuesday: "Exams aren’t meant to be easy and students are obviously
Read more on The Huffington Post It comes a day after students vented their fury at the GCSE AQA Biology exam, which demanded
'I believe that AQA should issue an apology for including this question.'
A child who put the wrong answer in their maths work made up for their mistake by explaining the reasoning behind their answer
A petition has been launched demanding an apology from an exam board after a GCSE biology paper included a reference to underage
An expectant mother who was rushed into hospital five days before her due date was not about to let a little thing like giving
Exam results are the start of the journey for young people, with so many possibilities and opportunities ahead. We need to make sure that our employment and skills system gives them the right support at the right time to make the most of these.
Keep calm and breath. It is a new year, new term and exams. How do you prepare? Failing to plan is a plan to fail, rule number one. In your new term are you preparing for exams and looking forward to them? You should be. You know more now than you did before the Christmas break.
I don't use either of the degrees in my everyday work, and I remember hardly any of the information I studied so hard, and even less of it is ever useful. However, my year 12 marks got me into uni, and those two degrees still get me all sorts of unrelated jobs, along with a highly embellished resume.