The government and regulatory system is failing South Africans when it comes to this struggle to access information.
'It is vital that the LGBTQ+ community also reflects and keeps in mind the diversity of the queer community.'
In the wake of struggle narratives that solely glorify men, black women have been exiled, forgotten and erased.
It’s time that policymakers paid serious attention to the problem of teacher exclusion.
The High Court in Pretoria found the Gauteng department of education acted illegally and tried to bully schools. Surely this is unacceptable?
I guess the only thing we can do is recognise that we're overly sensitive when it comes to getting excluded, and try not to take it too personally. I remind myself of all the people in my life who have gone out of their way to make me feel loved and valued.
Because keeping that conversational door open is one of the most important things to me. That she knows that she can ask anything of us- her parents- even if she suspects it's not a comfortable subject for many.
Imagine if you couldn't get involved in friends' or colleagues' conversations about Games of Thrones, Breaking Bad or W1A? As FOMO (that's Fear Of Missing Out, for anyone over 35 like me) continues to take hold, it's not acceptable for broadcasters to continue cutting one in nine people out of the popular culture of their generation.
Nearly all of us grow up being told that our school days are the best, most important days of our lives. So what happens to the four and a half thousand kids who seemingly muck that up every year? Do they feel, like I would have, that they've ruined their lives?
FOR HUFFINGTON POST USA Thomas Roberts recently wrote on a topic that has long interested me: is the banning of mind-altering
For 3 years now a group of parents and professionals from Leeds have been working through the gruelling application process
The troubled families programme is a major government initiative and one of its most prominent aims is to tackle problems with truancy and exclusion children of troubled families often have.
When you see an unruly child making a scene at school it's easy to dismiss them as irresponsible and reckless. What people don't realise is that behind inappropriate and erratic actions often lies a tragic story.
There needs to be a louder public conversation about the ways in which the media perpetuates political myths about children and young people... And children in schools are constantly blamed for failings in the schooling system.
Dr Maggie Atkinson, the Children's Commissioner for England, was reported in The Huffington Post as saying that students should no longer be excluded for "minor infringements" such as wearing jewellery or incorrect school uniform, and that exclusions should only be implemented to protect safety and learning.
A schoolboy has been "punished" by his school after being bullied by fellow students - for being ginger, his mother has claimed