Jonas Mosa Gwangwa can command instant warmth and recognition on stage, singing or playing the trombone.
The journeys that Masekela mapped for us as a nomad in exile cannot be said to have ended.
From aspirant MK cadre and ANC political activist in exile to president marred by controversy, here's a quick look at President Zuma's political life over the years.
Nowadays, rulers who have blood on their hands are likely to end up behind bars when the halls of power close. When Laurent Gbagbo, former Ivory Coast president, was hauled from his bunker and sent to the Hague, it served notice to tyrants that they can run, but can no longer hide.
As David Cameron declares the UK would support a "safe passage" for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, if it was to stop the
Good old facebook. Keeps us in touch. Shows us what all are friends are up to. Keeps adding features to show how connected we all are. Keeps revealing by using those same features that actually quite a lot of us would rather be left alone. Oh...