It's really important to set the ground rules with the parents from the beginning. Within the first week of doing your job you need to tell the children's parents that you have no intention of being a conventional nanny. Rather tell them you're going to teach their kids parkour, meditation and yoga.
I can only hope that small changes in perception, attitude and most of all confidence like these, repeated over and over again in homes across the world, will result in more girls feeling more confident about science, and families feeling more positive (and less scared!) of tackling a science activity themselves.
Medical advances that improve our chances of survival, discoveries that help us to understand our place in the universe and technological advances that mean we can all hold a cutting-edge computer in our hands are all underpinned by scientific research.
Music is heard through the cultural weights that we live with. We cannot hear a sound without prejudice. There must be a way to hear with an attitude of objectivity. Listening to music doesn't need to be passive, just use an open attitude.
FRESH on the scene and raring to go - Little Big Adventure are five musicians from Oslo and Bergen who are setting out to show the Norwegian scene just what they can do.
There are many reasons to fall in love with Copenhagen. Quality of life, understated style, great citizens and, with Noma acting as a catalyst, an exciting food culture ruled by a sense of adventure and an appreciation for sourcing quality ingredients.