The DA has come in for sharp criticism of late, but the party's leader believes voters will not abandon it and that it remains on the right track.
AgriSA represents 28,000 commercial farmers. It believes the reason land reform has failed is not because of inadequate legislation.
'South Africa urgently needs to rethink its existing agricultural model.'
The president took aim at apartheid denialists, critics of his economic recovery plans, and those who want to hijack the land-reform process.
We reduce our humanity if we reduce the issues around rural violence or land reform to single-story narratives.
Angry Ernst Roets quotes a Jewish author on hanging intellectuals and academics...but says he does not intend to do harm.
The Afrikaner-rights organisation has sent its top leadership overseas to talk about issues it is concerned about.
The president has repeated his mantra about his vision for land reform, saying it must not damage the economy.
The policy intervention deadline in August will decide how South Africa’s property rights regime will be changed.
The mineral resources minister was addressing the land reform dialogue in Johannesburg on Tuesday.