facebook down

An influx of calls during yesterday's Facebook outage prompted an emergency dispatch worker to contact a TV station begging
The week Facebook went down. Briefly. But it was long enough: SEE ALSO: The Best Twitter Smackdowns Of Tony Blair This Police
UPDATE: It's Back!!! Facebook is down. (UPDATE: It was, it's not now). The social media site is currently returning error
If you're a regular WhatsApp user you might have noticed this weekend that the service was down for long periods - not great
Facebook could be about to experience a sudden and jarring fall from grace - if a new study comparing the site to a virulent
We'll all remember where we were when Facebook went down. We were on Twitter. Yes, if there's been one way to (quite literally
UPDATE: We're hearing reports that Facebook is starting to come back online for some users. Let us know on Twitter if that's
Social media fans were in a flurry this morning as Facebook went down briefly in the UK and Europe. Many took to Twitter