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Poor mental health is something I have struggled with for a long time; now in my final year at University and preparing to enter the "real world", I would like to be in a far stronger place than I am. I'm depressed, anxious, and have a difficultly complex relationship with my eating, food and weight. This is nothing new.
Facebook has announced that Reactions, six small animated emojis, are finally rolling out as official additions to the Like
Imagine the questions I would have had as those 'Dislikes' rolled in: are you disliking their death or my pain? Do you not like how I've worded my status or that I wrote it at all? Do you think I'm attention seeking or wish I hadn't told you this way?
These days I always get likes on all my posts, and I usually get a bunch of comments and shares too among my 16,000 fans. I've worked out some key ingredients that are pretty much guaranteed to put a spark into your Facebook page and get people talking. I've made them easy to remember too, because they are the 3 Qs.
In a decision that looks set to rock the worlds of social media 'gurus' and analysts everywhere, and barely register for
Now that we've vanquished all doubt and accepted that science is f*cking cool, let's take a moment to really appreciate the fact that for every celebrity-obsessed-teen on the TV, there is at least one science geek somewhere in the world sharing his wisdom, online, with those who crave it.
Facebook is testing a 'Want' button to sit alongside its well-established 'Likes'. The new concept is being trialled as a
Facebook is working to fix a "bug" which apparently allowed users to inflate the number of 'Likes' on a page. A video posted
Is social media worth the investment or money down the drain? From an engagement perspective there are definite benefits to having a social media presence, particularly as they provide free platforms to place content and interact with key audiences. But is the ROI proportionate?