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If you've recent updated WhatsApp you may have noticed that there are now... blue ticks. But what do these mysterious signifiers
Facebook can alter your mood based on what news stories it shows you. Apparently it can also manipulate whether you're likely
Facebook has always been a place to find interesting news - even if quite a lot of it ends up being baby announcements, rants
Facebook is reportedly in talks to buy a company which makes huge, solar-powered drones. Titan Aerospace builds unmanned
Transgender activists have hailed a decision by Facebook to increase its range of gender options to more than 50 as a "big
Facebook has unveiled 'Paper', its brand new reading and sharing app. And the early reactions suggest it's a winner - good
Facebook has added a 'trending' topics page to the front of its site. But they're not copying Twitter. Honestly. Nope. The
The US government "blew it" in the row over "spying" on users of social media, Facebook founder and chief executive Mark
Facebook has pledged to "do better" after thousands of people demanded it remove pictures, groups and videos from its site
Thousands of people have demanded that Facebook act to remove pictures, groups and videos from its site which they say promote
A Facebook bug shut down large swathes of the Internet on Thursday evening and early Friday morning. A problem with the mechanics
Facebook has been forced to deny reports that a bug was causing private messages to be republished in public. Rumours emerged
Think you're getting too old for Facebook? Hardly. Facebook's oldest registered user - 101-year-old Florence Detlor - recently
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has lost about $4.7bn on paper in six days after the company's stock crashed on a series of