facebook tax

This morning Facebook UK announced - via the BBC's Kamal Ahmed - that it would start booking sales in the UK. So, welcome news. But (and you knew I was going to say this) let's not get carried away.
The five things you need to know on Wednesday January 27, 2016… 1) TAKING US FOR ZUCKERS Lots of papers have got decent follow
Facebook isn't having a good day. And to be honest, that's pretty much expected when it's announced that your company paid
The so-called 'anti-Facebook- was quite the hit way back in September 2014. But since those heady days, in which it expanded
Facebook has become the target of vitriolic abuse online after it was revealed the company paid no corporation tax in the
Silicon Valley companies like Google and Facebook are famously excellent places to work - with employees treated to great
Facebook is the latest firm to come under scrutiny over its tax affairs after reportedly siphoning £440m into an offshore
Coffee giant Starbucks has reportedly paid just £8.6 million in corporation tax in 14 years of trading in Britain and nothing
While the headlines are concentrating on the minimal amounts of UK tax paid by Facebook, the social networking monolith is
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story reported that the average salary of Facebook's UK employees was £275,000. Facebook