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Facebook has denied that the timeline manipulation experiment that took place in 2012 was funded by the Minerva Research
I have a true love hate relationship with Facebook. I certainly don't put my private details up there, and I'm very selective with what pictures I share. But yesterday's turn of events really got me thinking, and I found myself asking the same old questions - why do we feel the need to share stuff on there? Why do we do it so publicly?
When a friend writes a Facebook rant it is as if they are vomiting, quite deliberately, all over your day. It starts like this:I'm sorry but... And it ends like this:..Right. Rant over!!!The 'Rant over' is, in many ways, more offensive even than the rant itself.
As a professional wordsmith, I'm used to being paid for my work. As a blogger and guest blogger, I've had to become used to writing for free, in return for the inbound links and profile-raising. Maybe image-producers will have to let go of their copyright too.
Back in March, the internet saluted Redditor JSLEnterprises for crafting a Facebook timeline mash-up that saw God offering
An XXXXXXL, God-sized tip of a 10 million gallon hat to Redditor JSLEnterprises for not only coming up with this idea, but
Facebook will force through the switch to the new timeline-based brand pages on 30 March. This means that if you're one of the 29 million brands with a Facebook page that haven't yet made the switch over, then you have two weeks.
Timeline for Facebook Pages arrives at the end of this month 'Like' it (excuse the pun) or not, so is your business ready for the changes?
Facebook Timeline for pages has just been released, bringing the new Timeline look to the brand and organisation pages you
Facebook's Timeline feature will switch on this week, displaying all your status updates and photos as far back as 2004. While