fact check

Photographs and videos online are being incorrectly attributed to the twin explosions.
The Washington Post's fact checker tallied all the false and misleading claims Biden made in speeches, interviews and tweets since taking office.
The secretary of state was called out for using incorrect figures.
Jeremy Hunt will not apologise for misleading MPs over the number of mental health workers in the NHS.  The health secretary
Democracy, fragile as it is, is held together not only through the body of laws that define democratic governance but also through the activities of a free press, which can hold power to account.
As MPs gave the Government the go-ahead by voting the Brexit bill and the Lords are debating it now, Gina Miller, the businesswoman and philanthropist who successfully challenged the Prime minister over Article 50 at the Supreme Court, kindly accepted to answer my questions in an exclusive interview.
It was only in February that I realised how enormously spoiled we are in finding statistics. It happened when I tried to check a statement made by Michael Gove, who claimed that the proportion of UK trade done with the EU is lower now than it was before the UK joined the EU.
Measures to control immigration and "ensure this country attracts people who contribute and deter those who don't" have been