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The US Masters is about to start - but if there's one thing you can learn from this collection of YouTube's finest golfing
In which members of an Irish hunt club in County Longford tackle a canalside stretch - and one of them (Terry Whyte) comes
There's 'shaking it off'.... and there's shaking it off. Watch and learn, people. THIS is how you recover from a treadmill
Together with Handface, we round up the finest, funniest, flat-out fails that made us giggle on YouTube this year... SEE
The FailArmy round-ups continue with this celebration of the great outdoors... ...well, the great outdoors and the great
We don't normally say this about a Fox News presenter, but: poor old Megyn Kelly. At least Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas
Yes, you know what's coming... ...or do you?! Because this video supplies not one but TWO moments of glorious slapstick. Oh
From tens of thousands of pounds' worth of fireworks all going off at once to just one firework going off beneath a man's
The full headline of this, of course, being:'October's Funniest Fails, In One Eye-Watering And Schadenfreude-Inducing Compilation
You should, of course, be careful what you're pointing at when firing a gun. And that includes trees. Just see what happened