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Those cunning people at TheTwisterNederland have once again been searching the internet so you don't have to. Specifically
Now, we know we shouldn't laugh at other people's misfortune. BUT SOMETIMES IT'S SO DARN FUNNY! Just take a look at the video
It's a (belated) Christmas miracle! "This was on the north face of the Pyrenees range," explains YouTuber - and friend of
"Fitness experts like to remind us that without pain there can be no gain," says The Poke. "In this video we celebrate the
Imagine the scene. You're playing golf with your mates. Your ball is right on the edge of a river. You've got to hit it backwards
Oof! Yes, we're not sure there's much else to say about this viral video, other than: "Oof!" Or possibly "Ouch!" Or even
File this one under 'We Really Shouldn't Laugh, But...' But... unfortunately there isn't anything much funnier than someone
Firstly, let us say: this video is perfectly safe to watch if you don't like spiders. In fact, if you don't like spiders
When thinking about the way in which a trust fall could go wrong, you'd probably imagine a scenario in which the person falling
Poor old Aengus Mac Grianna. The RTÉ newsreader had what can only be described as 'a Ron Burgundy moment' in the short but