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What a year! For penguins and babies especially. Yes, HuffPost UK Comedy has spent 2012 bringing you the best and funniest
Look, we all get a bit bored when there's not much on TV over Christmas. But a word to the wise: don't be tempted to break
So what's this berk up to then? Ah, it looks like he's going to attempt to jump from one sheet of floating ice to the next
Look, to be honest, we're not too sure what game these kids are playing. But it seems to involve lining up against a wall
A German guy is wearing swimming trunks. He is looking at an ice-covered swimming pool. His friends are filming him. One
It's exactly 25 years and one day since weatherman Michael Fish uttered the immortal words: "Earlier on today a woman rang
Warning: do not try this at your office Christmas party. Not just because it is, frankly, old hat to try and photocopy your
Yes, it's that time again, folks! Welcome to our toe-curling, stomach-churning, jaw-dropping collection of September's biggest
We know what you're thinking. Why are we showing you a time-lapse video of lots of excitable Kentucky Wildcats basketball
A tip of the hat to BuzzFeed, who have - via Reddit - rather brilliantly rounded up 25 of the funniest, and shortest, videos