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Warning: watching this video will make you wince a lot. It is also likely to make draw breath, put your hand over you mouth
If you didn't have the greatest September, fear not: these people probably had a worse one than you. Because not only did
Or to be more exact: 'a novel way to put their helmets on... fifty per cent of the time.' Sit back and enjoy the finest nine
Car crashes. Skateboarding mishaps. The longest faceplant ever. Yes, they're all here in Fail Army's collection of the best
The ALS ice bucket challenge is pretty straightforward, right? Well, no. As this video proves - and as this one did last
Now, we don't know very much about riding scooters. But we do know that you shouldn't get over-confident when you're test
Getting hitched? Watch and learn from these 13 top tips, compiled for HuffPostUK Comedy by @TechnicallyRon and Handface.
Bless them. This family is utterly convinced that their three-seater sofa is going to fit into that small hatchback of theirs
It had to be Camden, didn't it? Yes, just take a look at the chap who thought it would be a good idea to jump across the
Readers, we don't suggest try to get into a baby's high chair at a restaurant - or, indeed, anywhere. Why? Well, you can