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Gents! When stepping out with a young lady, it's not advisable to try and impress her with your wall-jumping skills. Just
Keep your eye on the girl on the very top diving board... and prepare to wince. Ouch! SEE ALSO: 12 Epic Sporting Fails
You can't have success without also encountering failure - and that includes in the world of professional sport. So to celebrate
Wait for it... Wait for it... We don't know much about maritime things. But we're pretty sure this wasn't supposed to happen
This guy did. It didn’t go well. Still, if you've got a lunch hour to kill, why not grab a wheelie chair, a couple of fire
Because we're not just about the laugh-out-loud here at HuffPost UK Comedy. We're also about the hand-over-mouth and/or eye
If there's one lesson to be learned from this compilation by Uniformedia, it's surely this. People of earth: do NOT mess
There is, of course, nothing funny about getting so hammered that you can't walk straight. Well, we say that... but this
Got 23 seconds to spare? Good. Watch this short-but-oh-so-sweet fail. You really couldn't script better slapstick than this
A collection of the worst missed penalty shots, terrible corner throws and much much more. Because the beautiful game isn't