"Going out for a fag, eh?" Boyfriend's brother simpers sarcastically, as I spectacularly fail to sneak out for a cigarette without the usual derision.
A man in China has burned his wife's savings after she hid them inside a cooker. Li Dongling from Foshan in China's Guangdong
French fashion chain La Redoute has been forced to cover up an embarrassing 'faux pas' after it forgot to airbrush a naked
It's safe to say that YouTuber "JasonTFarmer" is a bit of a wally. Why else would he attempt to perform a stunt that involves
Mid-way through December, YouTuber user "TwisterNederland8" published a "Greatest fails of 2011" supercut. Just a few days
We've all accidentally sent an email we really shouldn't have in our time - but Euclides Santos, police chief of the Portuguese
Quick quiz: what's the one thing you don't want to bring up when interviewing Bill Clinton on TV? Perjury? "Don't Ask Don't
Christmas has come early for on-air blunder fans, with Radio 5 Live's Mark Chapman falling for an absolute cracker of a prank
Here's a YouTube video of what appears to be a number of people in Uzbekistan trying - and failing - to negotiate a new escalator
No-one's ever proud of scoring an own goal - but if you're ever going to score one, you better pray it's as magnificent as