I did not want to believe in God after my mother passed away. But miracle upon miracle has turned me to the faith she wanted me to have.
Is this a case of a few Model Cs rediscovering themselves, or a wider return to African spirituality? Writer Percy Zvomuya set outs to listen to those on the journey.
African spirituality, our culture, is all about human lineage. If I don’t remember him, my culture is gone.
"People may say to me, oh how can you be happy to be a Muslim and be a woman, doesn't your faith oppress you?"
Before today, I was considering writing an article about the controversy of the hijab. I was considering writing about how so many people choose to wear the hijab despite the perturbing fear of being judged by different communities and for a multitude of reasons. But I was going to do that without admitting one thing which has been central to me writing it; I don't know if I want to continue wearing the hijab.
Being a Muslim woman, society has defined my life in many different ways, but one thing I can tell you, is that out of all of those adjectives, dull certainly won't appear on that list. We are always a focal point of discussion and let's face it my presence could liven up any dismal gathering. My very being is always brought to question, as many struggle to decide whether my hijab is a symbol of empowerment or mark of oppression.
As the horrors continue in Syria and fighting is focused on religious and sectarian lines, it is vital that faith groups come together to help those most affected. This sends a powerful message that we are not a divided people but stronger when we work together in times of crisis.
Today the church welcomes the beginning of the season of Lent by marking Ash Wednesday. Across the world, Christians will
My wife has suffered through many things- and I will be the first to admit some of that suffering must be as a result of being married to me! Nevertheless, she has been able to turn those trials into something good - in fact one has been turned into something quite beautiful.
More than once I have been asked: what I have that normal healthy woman don't. Well, the answer is a positive attitude and a smile. It is as simple as that. I am also asked very often if I do hope on a miracle. To tell the truth, the miracle has already happened.