fake sheikh

Criminal convictions in 25 cases where evidence was given by "Fake Sheikh" Mazher Mahmood are being re-examined, prosecutors
Boris Johnson posed as a drug dealer in an elaborate sting that wouldn't go amiss in a Hollywood movie, it has been revealed
The controversial 'fake sheikh' investigative journalist Mazher Mahood has sensationally hit out at BBC Panorama's claims
The BBC has cancelled its plans to air a controversial expose of "fake sheikh" Mazher Mahmood on Monday's Panorama, because
UPDATE: No it won't - the BBC has pulled the show. More here. Lawyers for journalist Mazher Mahmood have lost a final legal
Mazher Mahmood, the notorious undercover tabloid journalist known as the 'fake sheikh', has lost a battle to stop his identity
Tulisa's co-defendant Mike GLC, who also walked from from court after the trial's collapse It is not the first time a trial
Former world champion boxer Herbie Hide has been jailed for selling cocaine after a court heard he fell for a "Fake Shiekh
A 21st century newspaper is little more than a press office for a wealthy business owner with political interests.
A former News of the World investigative journalist has told an inquiry into press standards that his work had led to more