fake tan

The This Country star probably won't be using Poundland's tanning mousse again anytime soon.
Sometimes, fake tan can prove more trouble than it’s worth. One woman who learned this the hard way was Eve from Falkirk
Ah, fake tan. Such a bitter-sweet, love-hate step in every woman's beauty regime. On the one hand, feeling bronzed is such a confidence-booster and feels like an improvement to any outfit. On the other, the preparation and application process is time consuming, messy and something we all dread. So, how can we make the whole ordeal easier?
A teenager who borrowed her mum’s fake tan without asking and used one of her socks as an application mitt, got caught out
While the world focused on how Justin Trudeau would deal with The Donald’s handshake, one lesser noticed detail was briefly
I'm not saying that everyone should give up their tan, if it's fake, safe and makes you happy then by all means, carry on. The same could be said about things like make-up and hair colour, as long as we explain to our young ones that it's all about creativity and having fun rather than it being a necessity to look good in society, why not. But as influencers to younger people I do feel we should be conscious of our actions.
It's fake tan, but not as you know it.