Falkland Islands

Jeremy Clarkson has denied the controversial number plate was deliberately selected He exclusively told The Sun (£): “Our
War veterans have called on former England and Liverpool striker Stan Collymore to apologise and resign from his radio job
Argentina and England are unlikely to meet at the World Cup finals, however their rivalry was reignited at the weekend when
Argentinean authorities demanded a British cruise liner take down the British flag after it docked in Buenos Aires, according
Argentina has taken the unprecedented step of appointing a secretary for the Malvinas, a role designed to assert pressure
Yet another incident is threatening to push Britain’s already strained relationship with Argentina further into antipathy
The Foreign Office is lodging a formal complaint with Spain over the latest "unacceptable" delays at the border with Gibraltar
Spain will seek to take its dispute with the UK over Gibraltar to the UN - with the support of Argentina. Spanish foreign
Britain has supplied £12bn of arms to some of the world's most brutal dictatorships and human rights abusers, including Iran
Mrs Thatcher had immense achievements: bringing harmony to industrial relations (reducing tenfold the number of days lost to strikes), liberating the Falklands, rejuvenating and modernising our manufacturing sector (and increasing its output), controlling inflation, almost halving unemployment in her time in office and, most significantly of all, preparing the way for the final decline and defeat of Soviet tyranny.