falklands anniversary

It is certainly true that cuts to the British military would make retaking the Falklands more difficult should the islands be lost. It is also true that the discovery of significant hydrocarbon reserves in the waters around the Falklands has increased their strategic value, and that Argentine rhetoric on the Falklands has become increasingly bellicose. But does Argentina have the capability to seize the Falklands?
Argentina has held a series of memorial services to mark the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the General Belgrano. The
Prince William has joined an exclusive club – the young royal has been burned in effigy. The flaming took place during Monday’s
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond today rejected claims Britain would be unable to defend the Falklands against a fresh Argentinean
Argentinian veterans have remembered fallen comrades in a service to mark the 30th anniversary of the Falklands conflict
Widows of soldiers killed in the Falklands conflict gathered on Monday for a service of remembrance. On the anniversary of
David Cameron is marking the 30th anniversary of the invasion of the Falklands with a reaffirmation of Britain's determination