Falklands Islands

Cristina Kirchner has renewed her country’s claim for sovereignty over the Falkland Islands at a Security Council meeting
As Falkland Islanders prepare to vote in a referendum on the future sovereignty of the South Atlantic archipelago, a ComRes
John Kerry has said the United States takes "no position" on whether the Falkland Islands belong to Britain or Argentina
On Saturday morning I was in sight of the Falkland Islands, which is topical as I hear they have been in the news a lot this past week! From what I can see they're incredibly flat! Saturday was another sunny day, which is good, conditions are considerably better than they have been.
Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne has turned down an invitation to attend talks in Argentina when he visits the Falklands
A senior member of the Falklands' government has told HuffPost UK that she sees no end in sight to the impasse between the
Britain would find it difficult to defend, reinforce or retake the Falkland Islands if Argentina launched a fresh assault
The Duke of Cambridge has arrived in the Falklands for a tour duty as an RAF search and rescue pilot, the Ministry of Defence