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My perception of Amsterdam has always been a sleazy city with little to offer families. After becoming a mother some years ago the last place I've ever wanted to visit was Amsterdam. However a recent visit proved me wrong. Here are just a few of the things you could do when visiting with your family.
If you're one of the thousands of repeat visitors that yo-yo between Blighty and the Sunshine State each year, then this is hardly a revelation. However, if you have yet to take the plunge, here's the lowdown on the top attractions at Walt Disney World at the moment.
I have more than a few fond memories of caravan holidays as a child. I was regularly taken back to nature by my grandparents as we endured seven nights of being rocked to sleep by the wind and seven mornings of trudging off to the shower blocks in our pyjamas.
Every summer families across Europe take out their hiking boots, grab a backpack and put on their sunhats for a family adventure in the great outdoors. Whether your family prefers a gentle amble along flat forest paths, or a more challenging climb up rugged hillsides, Europe is full of amazing hiking destinations that are ideal for kids.
There is nothing random or especially aggressive about seagull behaviour. Rather than responding to their environment, gulls assert control over it from the sky (much as humans do on the ground), dealing with threats and opportunities with supreme efficiency.
If, like me, you have the misfortune of suffering from seasickness then the thought alone of going on a cruise is likely to make you feel queasy. For many, being cooped up in an enclosed space, surrounded by nothing but water for miles around sounds more like a punishment than pleasure. Indeed, up until recently, I was on the very same boat...
My son was hooked "when can we go back? It's all SO cool"....and it make me think, particularly as a single mum that a holiday onboard a ship with many activities to suit each individual child (and myself) might be the perfect answer to a successful family holiday.
It's becoming more and more common that teens and young adults head off to travel in peer groups without parental supervision when they're young - particularly before and after university. Many will seek sunshine and relaxation at affordable prices for their first trip away from their parents or guardians.
As families across the UK get ready for a summer getaway, our Family Deals Expert Chris Webber has put together a list of top tips on how to make a holiday with little ones as stress free as possible.
Perhaps the biggest change that has contributed to the resurgence of the caravan is the recession. British holidaymakers now have less of a budget available for their summer getaways and this has led to more and more people choosing to stay on home turf and enjoy the sun.